Bathroom Safety

Taking a trip should refer to your next holiday, not a misjudged step or slip in the bathroom. Injury as the result of a fall is no laughing matter, especially as you get older. Our bathroom accessory products are designed to increase safety in these accident-prone areas. We offer the following products:

Our products: Bath LiftsBath Seats & BenchesGrab BarsFloor to Ceiling PolesHand Held Shower KitsNon Skid MatsShower CommodesToilet Safety FramesRaised Toilet Seat

img_bathLiftBath Lifts

There are several types and models of Bath Lifts, but most are usually designed for one person only and are powered either by a rechargeable battery or by water pressure. Generally, the user can transfer on to the lift while it is in the up position, swing their legs across the tub ledge, and lower themselves down into the soothing water waiting below. Portable bath lifts, the result of new technology, allow the user to bathe while on vacation or visiting family or friends. They are an excellent way to maintain a healthy and safe bathing routine.

img_bathSeatBath Seats & Benches

Bath Seats are typically a small, light plastic seat surface with adjustable height aluminum legs. They are used in conjunction with a hand held shower unit, allowing the user to shower in a sitting position. Bath Benches are often used when the user cannot step over the tub ledge to utilize a Bath Seat. The user sits on the edge of the bench, which is partly outside the tub, and then swings their legs over the tub ledge and shifts their weight into the tub area. Bath Stools are about 6” – 8” in height for those users who cannot sit fully down into the tub area or for those who need a small boost to exit the tub area.

img_bathGrabBArGrab Bars

These are metal Bars installed into the wall structures of the bathroom, often with a textured surface to enhance grip. Since statistics show that over 75% of accidents that occur in the home happen in the bathroom; grab bars are a good idea at any age. Towel racks and soap dishes are not designed to withstand the heavy load placed on them when a fall is being prevented. Grab bars are the safest solution.

img_bathFloorPoleFloor to Ceiling Poles

These are metal poles that are installed with tension between the ceiling and floor. They are usually placed to aid in transferring. Accessories such as ‘swing away bars’, attached to the pole, may allow the user to access both the toilet and the tub, reducing the amount of equipment in the bathroom.

img_bathHandShowersHand Held Showers

A hand held showerhead is attached to the water supply for use while sitting in a shower or tub. These are usually equipped with a water diverter, so a traditional shower can be used as well as the hand held, and a ‘pause’ button allowing the user to access the water flow without having to reach or stand to access the taps.

img_bathSkidMatNon Skid Mats

Textured rubber mats for use in the bottom of the tub are an important part of bath safety. Bathtub “etching” was once a common method of giving the tub surface a texture, however chemicals used for the etching process are harsh both on the installer and the environment. No skid mats work best and nobody gets hurt.

img_bathCommodeShower Commode

An excellent product for both toileting and showering the end user. Generally wheeled, these commodes are designed for large bathing and shower areas usually found in facilities or group homes where equipment can be wheeled into a bathing area. Often there are features such as tilt, headrest or pressure relief seating surfaces.

img_bathSeatFrameToilet Safety Frame

A pair of arms are bolted to the toilet using the existing seat and lid hardware. They are good for individuals who need a firm structure to hold while accessing the toilet. They are often used in conjunction with a raised toilet seat.

img_bathRaisedSeatRaised Toilet Seat

A very simple and handy device to add height to an existing toilet seat. Generally in 2”, 4” and 6” heights, they can also include some arm handles for individuals who need height added as the result of a hip joint precaution.

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