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Mobility is key to maintaining independence. And the personal empowerment as a result of this independence is critical to maintaining a healthy outlook on life. We recognize this fact so we offer a variety of products to help you achieve greater mobility and a positive outlook.

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img_liftsStairStair Lifts

Stair Lifts are becoming more commonplace within the residential setting for people who wish to remain at home while living with disabilities. Essentially, the stair lift is a basic chair that travels up and down a track on a given set of stairs. They can travel on a straight line, curved staircase or multi level staircase. Installation takes about one half to one full day, depending on the specifications.


Elevators are costly but effective solutions for those who wish to remain at home and access every floor or level. Closet elevators and porch lifts are the most common, but customized elevators are frequently designed and installed to accommodate each individual’s needs and environment.

img_liftsWheelsWheelchair lifts

Wheelchair lifts are typically found in the transportation aspect of medical equipment. Often, they are used in vehicles designed to lift either the wheelchair or both the wheelchair and end user into an automobile for transport. Scooter lifts are also used in the same application.

img_liftsVAnsVan lifts

Van lifts and conversions are also becoming more popular and cost effective. Customized options often include hand- operated throttle and braking levers for those who still have upper body mobility but no lower extremity function, such as a paraplegic. Motorized ramps, lift arms and transit straps are also used.


Ramps are an effective and inexpensive way to access areas with short rises, such as a short stairway or uneven door threshold. Lightweight folding aluminum ramps are portable and are available in an assortment of sizes and widths.

img_liftsCustomSolCustom Solutions

Custom Solutions are frequently the result of higher needs and lower functioning individuals and their environments. Whether it is a bathroom shower enclosure renovation or a complete living space modification, technology and innovation can now allow virtually any person who is disabled to remain at home in a safe and efficient manner.

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