Living Aids / First Aid

These items are categorized as products that can help treat an injury, promote a healthy recovery or help you cope with everyday tasks with the assistance of modified products.

Individually they help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Combined they demonstrate the further depth of our product and service offerings.

img_liveAidFirstAidFirst Aid

First Aid products and kits are an excellent way to stay prepared. Whether it is at home, office, the car or for travel, a well stocked and updated first aid kit is always a good idea.

img_liveAidDAilyDaily living aids

Daily living aids are an industry of their own. Long handled reachers, jar openers, dressing aids, elastic shoe laces, cane holders and oversized cutlery are just some of the products available today to help assist with virtually all of your daily living activities.

img_liveAidTrainersTrainer’s supplies

Trainer’s supplies are available to assist trainers with any acute situation that may arise out of sport. Tape, adhesive remover, cold spray, ice packs, finger splints and ice packs are some of the more common products.

img_liveAidSportsPhysiotherapist supplies

Physiotherapist supplies often include exercise tubing or banding, weights, muscle stimulators, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines, exercise balls and traction sets.