Masectomy Fittings

A diagnosis of breast cancer usually leads to decisions about surgery and treatment. Whether a patient has undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy and whether or not they have chosen reconstruction, one of the next decisions involves the selection of an external breast form and a post surgical bra. We carry the latest designs to suit every shape, size, surgery and lifestyle. And we offer professional fitting services in a discreet environment.

While lightweight, foam, or fiberfilled forms can be worn soon after surgery to create a symmetrical appearance, a weighted form should be fitted six to eight weeks following surgery. We carry Naturalwear breast forms, which are made of soft silicone to look and feel like a female breast. Because every woman is different size and shape, we offer a wide variety of choices to suit personal needs. Our trained fitter will first fit a patient in a comfortable, supportive bra that suits her lifestyle. Then she fits the patient with a breast form that matches the remaining breast as closely as possible.

img_masectomyFullSoLight forms

SoLight forms for women who desire a lighter silicone form.

img_masectomyPartialPartial forms

Partial forms to equalize after lumpectomy or reconstruction.


Calypso, a swim and leisure form.