Mobility / Seating

Our society treasures mobility. And adapting your mobility may contribute to maintaining personal independence or assisting rehabilitation. Whatever your needs, our mobility/seating/rehabilitation products can help you on the move.

Our products: Lightweight WheelchairsTransport WheelchairsStandard WheelchairsPerformance WheelchairsPower Wheelchairs & Specialty ElectronicsElectric ScootersSeating & PositioningWalkers/Crutches/Canes

img_mobilityLightweightLightweight Wheelchair

A popular mainstream manual wheelchair often chosen by therapists and aging citizens because of its versatility, light aluminum folding frame and reasonable pricing. Multiple angle adjustments allow for a more refined overall fit, and its design allows for easy propulsion and transportation.

img_mobilityTransportTransport Wheelchair

A simple, light, double folding frame designed for quick use and short distances. The four smaller 8” casters limit use to attendant propulsion only. Generally it is not suitable for an individual spending longer than 30 minutes per day in the chair.

img_mobilityStandardStandard Wheelchair

Generally, these chairs are chrome finished and have vinyl upholstery, typically found at airports and hospitals as fleet chairs. They are usually quite heavy, have a folding frame and offer little or no adjustments.

img_mobilityPerformancePerformance Wheelchair

Specialized wheelchair designed for enhanced maneuvering and comfort. Typically, younger individuals with a spinal cord injury, who maintain an active lifestyle and engage in sports, use these chairs.

img_mobilityPowerWheelsPower Wheelchair & Specialty Electronics

Rechargeable batteries and electric motors allow the user to propel the chair by using a joystick or other type of control. These chairs are designed for those who spend extended amounts of time in a chair and require considerations for pressure relief, positioning and comfort. Specialty electronics allow for specialized controls and functions, such as ‘sip-n-puff’ control, attendant control, power tilt or recline and consumer electronics. Computers and the Internet have also allowed users in remote or rural areas to utilize technical support, programming and ‘virtual’ maintenance.

img_mobilityScooterElectric Scooter

A very popular type of mobility aid for those who can ambulate in and around their home, but cannot travel longer distances by foot. They operate with rechargeable batteries and electric motors, and can be of great assistance for individuals who like to access their neighborhood and community. Scooters often include an automobile style seat, cargo basket and accessories such as a cane or crutch holder and rain canopy.

img_mobilitySmartSeatSeating & Positioning

Just as every person is different, so to are their seating requirements. There are literally hundreds of different cushions and backs on the market today, ranging from simple contoured cushions to angle adjustable positioning backs and pressure relief. A qualified consultant or vendor will often work with an occupational therapist to determine exactly what is required.

img_mobilityWalkerWalkers / Crutches / Canes

Various devices to enable the user to ambulate and maintain autonomy. 4-wheeled walkers are very popular with the aging population, as they are light, foldable and include handbrakes, a seat to rest upon and a cargo basket.

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