Orthopedic Products

Whether your are recovering from a sports injury, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a chronic ailment, or simply using these products to prevent further problems and increase comfort, we can meet your needs. And to ensure you receive optimum benefits from the product you purchase, we devote time to customize your fitting.

Our products:
We carry a variety of OTC products and we do custom fittings for items such as arch supports, heel cups, toe rests, metatarsal pads, toe separators and diabetic socks.

img_orthoCompressionCompression and support stockings

A doctor can prescribe medical stockings for all vein diseases of the leg. Where risk factors increase the danger of disease, it is recommended that compression stockings be worn prophylactically. They are prescribed if treatment of a venous disease in not possible, either temporarily or permanently, and if a worsening of the condition is to be prevented. They are also prescribed if the doctor wants to maintain the results of treatment, after sclerosis or a varicose vein operation or after a deep-vein thrombosis. Medical stockings are specially constructed. Their pressure configuration is such that the greatest pressure is exerted on the ankle region. It is there that oedemas and ulcers generally occur. The compression decreases gradually in the direction of the knee and the thigh. Depending on the severity of the condition, your doctor may choose to use a mild, moderate, strong or especially strong degree of compression. The grading of medical stockings combined with a customized degree of compression possible for each patient ensures optimum results. The performance of the muscle pump is increased, the lumen of the veins is narrowed so that the flow-rate of the venous blood is accelerated and the venous valves are made to function again. Oedemas are prevented, the danger of thrombosis reduced and further complications prevented. Our certified fitter will fill your doctors prescription, takes leg measurements, and select the correct stockings for your needs.

img_orthoBraceBraces and supports

Braces and supports are typically used when recovering from an injury, or as a preventative measure against the recurrence of injury. We offer a wide variety of products, and provide individual attention to proper fit.

img_orthoRehabRehabilitation products and equipment

The path to recovery from an injury or ailment lies in a structured rehabilitation program. Often therapists will recommend products to assist you in making an expedited recovery. We offer a wide variety of products to meet your needs.