Prescription Services

Davies Pharmacy was founded as a prescriptions and medical supplies company. Prescription services are very much at the heart of what we offer. We have an extensively stocked dispensary, which includes items that are not carried by many pharmacies. We offer free delivery on all prescriptions. And we accept all third party payment plans.

We also offer blister packaging for home use, and a compliance packaging system which includes automatic re-ordering every 28 days and medication reviews. The compliance packaging system takes the worry out of missed or doubled up medication errors.

Imagine this scenario:

Your mother takes regular medication. How do you both keep track of what needs to be taken and what has already been consumed on a daily basis? The compliance package system allows you to easily see what has or hasn’t been taken on a particular day. All medication is put in one “blister” for a particular time of the day when they should be taken. Since accidentally missed or doubled up medication can put a patient’s health at risk, the compliance package system makes a lot of sense for those prone to forgetfulness or when multiple medications are taken throughout the day. It lets you easily keep track of thing!

Health Tips

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